Recommended for:

2 dimensional objects where a full specification container is too costly or would give greater problems in handling. i.e. carrying up or down stairs. Very ornate or delicate frames also benefit from the use of a T- frame, which give art movers solid areas to hold and handles to carry by. Once fixed to its transit frame many objects are packed into full specification containers for movement both inland and overseas.

CAPITAL 'ART MOVEMENT' FRAMES (Evolution of the Transit frame)

Recommended for:

Occasions where the 'soft wrap option' is not considered sufficient. Often the need for a higher level of protection is required but constraints of size, weight and cost prevail, not allowing for nor requiring full specification containers. Works can be cushioned into these frames in the same way as a full container. Their use is primarily for UK inland loans, but this packing method has been used where works are trucked direct to and from overseas galleries.

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T- Frames & Capital 'Art Movement' Frames

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