Our Environmental Activities

Our Environmental Policy
We recognise that our business activity impacts on the wider environment. We are committed to identifying these impacts and taking positive steps to reduce them.

Tree Appeal
In 2009 we became a Corporate Partner of Tree Appeal, which allows us to make a positive contribution to the environment through an ongoing tree-planting scheme. With annual donations, linked directly to the number of containers leased, we are able to support habit creation and biodiversity projects in schools throughout the UK with the added social benefit of giving children an appreciation for our valuable environment. With over 160 trees donated so far, we hope our customers feel genuinely engaged with this exciting long term project!

Our Carbon Strategy
In 2010 we began working with Carbon Strategy Ltd, Tree Appeal's sister company, who together plant trees in the UK and abroad to offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions generated by businesses. Working closely with their environmental partners, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and developing a carbon-offsetting programme to establish our Container Leasing Service as a Carbon Neutral Service!

Royal Warrants
As a holder of two Royal Warrants we are committed to undertake regular reviews in order to demonstrate our commitment to higher environmental and social standards

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"How to reduce the carbon footprint of a loans program"
Lease packing cases or re-fit old ones

…By using a case leasing service instead of commissioning newly built cases and disposing of them, the Art Department saved 5.161 tons of carbon dioxide from materials, an additional 13kg of carbon dioxide equivalents from landfill decomposition WRI2005, 34) and 6.6 tons of solid waste. "

An extract from: The Carbon Footprint Of Museum Loans: A Pilot Study At Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Of Wales
Authors Simon Lambert and Jane Henderson, November 2010 | Click Here For Full Report

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