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In 2010 we began working with Carbon Strategy Ltd, Tree Appeal's sister company, who together plant trees in the UK and abroad to offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions generated by businesses. Working closely with their environmental partners, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and developing a carbon-offsetting programme to establish our Container Leasing Service as a Carbon Neutral Service!


2009 KSL moved to larger, specially designed premises providing much needed increased floor and storage space

In celebration of 21 years of successful trading, KSL became a corporate partner of Tree Appeal Ltd, which provides environmentally responsible companies a way to integrate tree planting into their business activities, supporting habit creation and biodiversity projects in schools throughout the UK. Annual tree donations are now a fully integrated part of KSL's Container Leasing Service.


In January 1995, KSL was awarded two Royal Warrants of Appointment, as Suppliers of Specialised Packaging for Works of Art to Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

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"The Freud Museum recently celebrated 25 years of operation. Throughout this time we have always insisted that borrowers always use Kent Services customized containers and packing services for the shipment of our loaned objects."

Keith Davies, Loans Administrator, The Freud Museum

Tel: 01795 660812 | Email: ksl@kent-services.com

Company No: 2179136 | VAT Registered: GB 507 1038 82